Why pre-order on PledgeMe?

Maybe the first question is why did we decide to use PledgeMe?

PledgeMe is an online fundraising and pledging website. Campaigns on PledgeMe have the ability to reach more people than we can manage through social media posts and word of mouth alone.

PledgeMe also gives people the opportunity to contribute to the production of Mamas in Lockdown, even if they don’t want to buy the actual book.

So why pre-order your book on PledgeMe?

By pre-ordering your book, it takes us closer to the target of our PledgeMe campaign, and helps to fund the cost of printing.

Your payment is secure and safe with PledgeMe, you only pay PledgeMe if the campaign reaches its target amount - $20k. If we don’t reach the campaign target, your payment will not be taken by PledgeMe. You will not lose your money.

If our campaign doesn’t reach target, none of the Pledges are paid out.  This means that by pre-ordering your book on PledgeMe, it not only means we cover the costs to print our beautiful book, we also get the big pledges from businesses that are being made too - $500 each. These pledges really help to make Mamas in Lockdown a reality.

So if you want your very own copy of Mamas in Lockdown, don’t wait! Pre-order it on PledgeMe now!

Thanks :-)