The Mamas in Lockdown Book - By Denise Ives

How it all started

It has been over 100 years since the last global pandemic. Word of the influenza pandemic of 1918 spread across the globe through telegram, letter and radio. Over the past century the world our Grandparents and Great Grandparents knew has transformed into a fast moving and technologically driven world, somewhere they would no longer recognise. News and stories can now be sent from one corner of the globe to the other in seconds and people are more connected than ever before. As an influential member of New Zealand's breastfeeding community, founder Denise Ives recognised that she could use her social media platforms to connect with families who now faced new challenges that no one could have predicted. You can read every book and go to every class but nothing prepares you for becoming a parent during a global pandemic. 

Denise appreciated how therapeutic it could be to write down these experiences so soon made a public announcement inviting parents to share their stories about labour, pregnancy and all things child birth during lockdown. After a mammoth response, Denise decided to compile all of these beautiful and intimate stories into a book. This compilation is there to support, share and remind new mothers that they are not alone. Each story contains specific and unique details of their journey, and all build awareness of the challenges and triumphs they faced during an unpredictable and life changing time. Dive in and get lost in a world of love, tears, trauma and pure happiness.