Sneak Peak....

A quick insight into some of the stories Mamas in Lockdown is sharing.

These short extracts will help you understand some of the feelings and challenges our Mamas experienced during their pregnancy and labour journeys. 

Arianna's Story

......Earlier in the year a global pandemic called Covid-19 started to take the world by storm but for some reason, I always thought it wouldn’t make it to little old Aotearoa. I couldn’t have been more wrong and on the first day of level 4 national lockdown I received a call from my LMC informing me that I had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes (GD). I had been so healthy during my pregnancy and was feeling really good in my body so this hit me like a tonne of bricks. I was dealing with my emotions over an uncertain future with lockdown and the addition of what felt like a pregnancy crisis. So many unknowns and I remember feeling the weight of isolation and anxiety run through my body.....

Liezel's Story

....I had postnatal preeclampsia with my son, so was carefully monitored this time around. When we arrived at the hospital that afternoon, my husband was not allowed inside and decided to wait in the carpark as we lived about 40mins from the hospital and were told the blood results should be available after about an hour. We didn’t see the sense in him leaving when I could be sent home at any time, once given the all clear. I finally saw a Dr SEVEN hours later, who said I was positive for preeclampsia and would need to stay overnight with a view to giving birth the next day. My husband handed my hospital bag over to security staff and left for home.....

Kim's Story

....I was 31 weeks pregnant when level 4 lockdown was announced. We live in West Auckland. At this point we did not have much baby stuff as we moved house in February and were waiting until after then to get everything we needed. 

We had arranged….. The courier company decided this package was not essential and so told us they were holding it until we were out of level 4. This naturally gave us a lot of stress as to us those were essential items (we needed a capsule to leave the hospital) and we could not go and buy these items as the shops were closed and would cost us a lot of money.

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