From a health professional working during Covid-19 lockdown

The new Mummas,

It’s just been hard.

You’re allowed to feel ripped off and that doesn’t mean that you are not grateful that your family are safe in a pandemic; it means that you’re grieving the year that could have been. And that’s ok 

I’ve seen many 2020 Mamas in my job doing community infant feeding support. Due to lockdowns, maybe I was your only visitor aside from your midwife, but only for an appointment slot of 30 minutes. Once the conversation starts and we share a laugh or tears or both, as much as I knew you’d like someone (who was sanitised and in protective gear) to stay for a chat; I needed to get going to zoom consults with four other Mothers that day who didn’t meet the strict criteria you did for a home visit. The home visit was due to your struggle; the feeding I could fix but the isolation struggle I could not. I could feel how hard it was for you to be left alone with a crying baby.

You tell me this year your baby showers were cancelled, the scans were done alone, birth was not what you thought, the days on lockdown at home were seemingly never ending and then when we dropped alert levels you weren’t sure if you even wanted to risk taking your baby out there into the germ infested world.

Now you worry about your baby’s development - what happens to a baby who hasn’t been in the world for weeks on end? One who didn’t put their wee feet into the sand or experienced being passed around from friend to aunty to nephew to hold and show off their gummy smiles at social gatherings? You worry, did you need to socialise your baby in person rather than on zoom?

You cry for the grandparents who have never held their grandchild.

But. Wow. You got through. You did it.

I stand in awe of you. Truly, well done.




Photo courtesy of Macau Photo Agency