A Covid story from Kenya

This is a story sent to me from Kenya...

"Hello, my name is Mrs X, a Kenyan mother of two beautiful daughters. I am a registered nurse, I had been working in a certain non-governmental hospital for six years until Covid came in Kenya, in March 2020, when problems started.

Our centre was sent a few internal auditors to make some investigations and stayed there for six weeks. They dwelt on the usual services that we offered, and without any relevant reasons and any evidence, we were under hearing. Since they had already decided who to terminate and who to keep, the hearing was just a formality.

I believe they wanted to terminate staffs who had good salaries and replace with staffs on lower salaries.

Things have been rough without a job there and with Covid it's even worse because most of the hospitals are empty due to lack of patients.

Hustling is not even enough to feed the young ones due to unemployment.

It's been tough. To date I am just looking for a job, hoping one day one will be available for me."



Photo courtesy of Tucker Tangeman www.unsplash.com